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What Women are Saying...

Excerpt from an email regarding prenatal massage:

“So – I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I slept the best I have in WEEKS on Thursday night! I admit I was really nervous going into it (since I’ve never had a massage before), but wow! I also really appreciate you showing Brad the proper way to massage also. He did such a great job, I was so proud of him.”

- Eileen (Romeoville, IL)

Excerpt from a thank you note:

“My husband was also very impressed and said that he thought everyone should have a doula at their deliveries.”

- Natalie (Schaumburg, IL)

From a reference letter from a repeat client:

“My husband and I had the great pleasure of employing Carrie Bohanan to assist us with the birth of our second [third, fourth, and fifth] child. I was looking for someone who would be especially supportive of a woman attempting her first vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) since that was my situation. Carrie was perfect for this role as she had performed successful VBACs herself.

Carrie’s willingness to help and serve was obvious from her very first email to me when I was just beginning my search for a doula in the area. Carrie took the time to answer all of my questions and put forth the extra effort to recommend some practices and hospitals that might suit my needs.

During labor Carrie was just the extra help we needed to have a successful VBAC without any medications. She gave me and my husband the added confidence that we needed to labor well. Carrie worked hard during my labor to offer different suggestions for positioning and relaxing during the contractions as well as giving guidance to my husband as to how he could help and support me as the labor progressed.

It was very clear to us throughout our pregnancy and labor that when Carrie was talking to us or working with us we were the only thing on her mind. She was very focused and did her job well. She was also able to successfully be both professional and friendly. I hope that we are able to have Carrie’s assistance and support at the rest of our births! It was truly money well spent.”

~ Anne (Oak Park, IL)

From a previous client who texted this after she found out she was pregnant with her second baby:

"It's still early, but I wanted to get on your calendar. As soon as we found out, [Husband's name] said, 'Carrie will be there, right?' "

~ Names withheld until pregnancy is announced (Chicago, IL)

I could not have had the natural birth I wanted without Carrie Bohanan. I attended her Bradley Birth Method classes which were extremely useful for preparing for the birth. I also hired her as my doula so that I could have extra support during labor. Having her there gave me the confidence that I needed to have a completely natural birth. She has a very calming presence and has a very gentle touch. She talked me through each contraction, advised me on what to do next, and even gave me a foot massage. She was prepared with everything we could have possibly needed to labor at home and in the hospital. My husband and I were both extremely pleased with Carrie’s services.

~ Alice 

Carrie attended my first two births and supported me as our doula. I could not have asked for a better support person; she was truly able to meet my needs, comfort me, and support me to have two natural, unmedicated births, exactly what I had hoped for. Carrie is wonderful, warm, caring, intuitive, and knowledgeable, and you could not ask for more in a doula. 

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