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List of Services

Full Doula Service

Our full doula service package includes a free interview, two prenatal home visits of approximately two hours each, constant availability throughout pregnancy for phone/text/email support, continual support at your labor and birth, and a postpartum home visit including a timeline of events of your labor. Please see the "Doula Services" page for details of doula service.

Labor-Birth-Only Doula Service

Our labor-birth-only doula service includes a free interview, constant availability throughout pregnancy for phone/text/email support, and continual support at your labor and birth. You will receive a timeline of labor events, as in the full doula service package, but it will be emailed to you after your birth rather than given at a postpartum visit. This package is ideal if you have already taken an excellent and thorough childbirth class (such as a Bradley course) or if you are experienced and comfortable with the techniques of childbirth.  

Bradley Childbirth Classes

This is a 12-week childbirth course focusing on natural childbirth without pain medication. Please see the "Childbirth Classes" page for details about Bradley Childbirth Classes.

Private Natural Childbirth Class

This is a one-on-one, four class childbirth education course. Each class is two hours. This is ideal if your schedule does not allow you to take a full Bradley course, but you still would like something more thorough and practical than a hospital childbirth class. This class focuses on techniques for natural childbirth without pain medication. However, if you are planning on an epidural, this class is very effective as well as you can use the techniques to keep you comfortable until you are ready for your epidural. This class teaches exercises, stretches, nutrition, relaxation techniques, comfort measures, labor practice, birth physiology, baby positioning and its importance in pregnancy and labor, birth plan preparation, and breastfeeding introduction. Streamed videos will be assigned to watch each week and reading assignments will be given. There are three options for how to take this class:

1)  This class can be taught in your home if you are within a 15 minute distance from Bolingbrook. 

2)  This class can be arranged at a Bolingbrook location if you are not within the distance requirement.  

3) This class can be taught virtually over Google Meets.

Doula fees are discussed at the doula interview. We would like very much to work within your budget and have plans set up to do so. Please ask about them when you interview your doula.

Please call or email for fees regarding childbirth classes.

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