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We love to attend births. This is our passion at Gentle Care Birth Services. It is our desire to help the husband* assist his wife to his comfort level so that when she remembers her labor, she remembers him as her hero. We want to bring the couple closer together through their labor experience. This is a beautiful way to begin a family.

Our doula service includes two prenatal home visits, continual support during your labor and birth, initial breastfeeding assistance, and one postpartum home visit. During the prenatal visits, childbirth education is catered to your needs, but generally includes relaxation techniques, exercises to prepare your body for birth, prenatal massage (with personal instruction, demonstration, and practice for your partner so he can continue the massage techniques on his own with you), labor position practice, and birth plan assistance. When you are in labor, your doula will meet you at your home to help you and your partner labor together at home, follow you to the hospital when it is time to leave, serve you through your labor and birth, and help with breastfeeding. She will stay with you through about an hour after the birth when your family is ready for some quiet time together. At the postpartum home visit, about one week later, your doula will review and answer questions about your birth, as well as give you a printed timeline of events that happened during your labor. She will check on breastfeeding and answer any questions you have about baby care and postpartum life.

* Please use terms that fit your unique situation. Husband/wife is used at Gentle Care Birth Services for consistency. However, your birth partner may look different for you. It may be a significant other, mother, a sister, a friend, or none at all.

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