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Gentle Care Birth Services was started by Carrie Bohanan. Carrie has been a childbirth doula since 2006 and a childbirth educator since 2009. She holds her doula certification with DONA International and her childbirth educator certification with the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth (AAHCC). See more about these organizations at and

Carrie is the sole provider of the doula services and the childbirth education at Gentle Care Birth Services, so the philosophy that you hear throughout these web pages is entirely hers. She is supported by guest speakers at her childbirth classes and back up doulas. She considers these providers an important part of Gentle Care Birth Services as they enhance your education and ensure your continual support.

Carrie and her husband have five children. Her first child was born by a cesarean birth, followed by four VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean). One of these VBACs was with the use of an epidural, three were without pain medication, and one was intentionally born at home with a midwife present. Because of her own varied birth experiences, she has a great understanding for women who have different desires for their births, and supports them unbiasedly in their personal goals for their births. She has attended over 100 births as a doula and it is her passion to help couples have the births that they are hoping for. It would be her joy and honor to serve you as your doula, or your childbirth educator, or both.

Why us?

It is our passion to serve you and your partner so that you can have the birth that you are hoping for. It is our desire to do all that is possible so that you can have a birth that will be fondly remembered and cherished for a lifetime. It is also our desire to guide your husband or partner in such a way that he will be able to confidently support you so that your birth will serve as the lovely bonding experience between a couple that it certainly can be. 

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