Gentle Care Birth Services
Supporting You Through Labor

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We offer two childbirth courses.  They both focus on natural childbirth without pain medication.

Bradley 12-Week Childbirth Class

Gentle Care Birth Services teaches The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth.  We teach this because it works.  Based on statistics from real couples in real Bradley classes nationwide, nearly 90% of couples who attend a full course of Bradley classes have a natural birth.  This is the highest rate of natural births compared to any other childbirth method.  Bradley is an extremely thorough childbirth course, and you and your husband will feel confidently prepared when you have completed the 12-week course.  

In the Bradley course, the partner is referred to as a husband.  However, your birth partner may look different for you.  It may be a significant other, a mother, a sister, a friend, or none at all.  If you do not have a birth partner, please do not be offended at the emphasis we place on training the coach.  You are very welcome in this class!  Being in this class will give you the knowledge and confidence to birth how you want to, regardless of if  your partner is able to be with you during labor. 

We meet weekly for 2 hours for 12 weeks.  If you anticipate giving birth before the end of the series, please talk to the instructor, and extra information can be given to you early so that you are ready for your labor.  Some Bradley is better than no Bradley!  Please see for details about the content taught in each class and the philosophy behind The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth.

Private 4-Week Natural Childbirth Class

This is a one-on-one, four-class childbirth education course in your home.  Each class is two hours.  This is ideal if your schedule does not allow you to take a full Bradley course, but you still would like something more thorough and practical than a hospital childbirth class.  This class focuses on techniques for natural childbirth without pain medication.  This class teaches exercises, stretches, nutrition, relaxation techniques, labor practice, birth physiology, baby positioning and its importance in pregnancy and labor, birth plan preparation and assistance, breastfeeding introduction, and more!  DVDs will be loaned to watch each week and reading assignments will be given.  This class is only available in your home if you are in a 20 minute distance from Bolingbrook.  Otherwise, this class can be arranged at a Bolingbrook location.